Rugby Golf is a brand new game where a rugby ball replaces a golf ball on a golf course. The object of the game is to get the ball into the basket through a series of kicks and passes.

Played over a choice of 9 or 18 holes players “tee off” with a place kick. Then have a few options of kick from hand, drop kick or pass their ball into the specially designed hole.

As with “footgolf”, the game provides a fun but highly competitive game for players of all abilities and ages.

Just like golf, players of different abilities can play alongside each other’s, making it idea for both experienced rugby players or just for family fun. As with golf, holes are set at par 3, 4 and 5. The fewest “shots” kicks or passes the better.

Individual Booking Prices

9 holes

18 holes

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Adult Guest



Junior Visitor



Junior Guest



Rugby golf can be played with a maximum of 6 players at a time on our Glevum course.

Rugby balls can be hired at £1 per ball or balls can be purchased at £6.95. Players are welcome to bring their own footballs.

The rugbygolf course is now closed for the winter..

The following dress code applies to players of rugbygolf:

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Latest Information

Sunday 25th March 2018

  • Courses: Spa and Glevum courses open.
  • Buggys: No
  • Trolleys: No (Carry only)
  • Grass Tees: No (Winter mats)

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