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Spa Course

Hole One - Par 4, Stroke Index 10
347yds (white tees), 328yds (yellow tees), 312yds (red tees)

A good opening hole lined with trees on the left hand side of the fairway which will catch any loose tee shot. Protecting the green is a line of wooden sleepers, which will punish any poorly struck approach. Good position off the tee and a solid second shot to a generous green should set you up for a par or better.

Hole Two - Par 5, Stroke Index 6
501yds (white tees), 491yds (yellow tees), 430yds (red tees)

This par 5 is not about hitting it as far as you can. There are three bunkers which can be reached with a good drive. The big hitters can gamble and try and carry the bunkers but the sensible play is to lay up and give yourself a chance of hitting a good straight second shot down the tree lined fairway. Two accurate shots will leave you a short pitch to a small, but long green protected by a bunker on the right hand side.

Hole Three - Par 3, Stroke Index 16
143yds (white tees), 129yds (yellow tees), 112yds (red tees)

This 143 yard hole requires a very well struck shot, which is often played into a prevailing wind to a small and undulating green. If you miss the green long, it leaves you a very tough uphill chip so short is better but there is a greenside bunker protecting the front right. If you hit a good tee shot onto the green you must still work hard for your par as the green is the most undulating on the course.

Hole Four - Par 5, Stroke Index 14
520yds (white tees), 510yds (yellow tees), 428yds (red tees)

A solid drive on this par 5 could set you up for a good score but beware! A large bunker on the left of the fairway catches any pulled tee shots, whilst a pushed shot will be punished by the trees on the right. There is a good chance for the longer hitters to reach the green in two and maybe score a birdie or better but it's generally a three shot hole to the green. Play the hole sensibly and you will score well.

Hole Five - Par 3, Stroke Index 8
212yds (white tees), 159yds (yellow tees), 142yds (red tees)

This is a long demanding par three that is often played into a strong headwind. With two bunkers protecting the front left corner of the green and trees to the right, it requires a well struck accurate wood or long iron to the large green, which slopes back to front.

Hole Six - Par 4, Stroke Index 2
408yds (white tees), 373yds (yellow tees), 343yds (red tees)

This is a tough left to right dogleg hole that requires a good tee shot down the tree lined fairway with a well placed bunker and out of bounds down the right. A straight drive will leave you a medium to long iron shot to a sloping green protected by a large cross bunker, which a poorly struck shot will find. Once on the green you will need all of your skill to read the line of your putt. A tough hole!

Hole Seven - Par 4, Stroke Index 18
329yds (white tees), 286yds (yellow tees), 275yds (red tees)

As you can see it says stroke index 18, but don't be fooled by that! This short par 4 requires two precise shots. Trouble lurks left and right of the fairway with trees, a well positioned bunker and out of bounds to contend with. Long hitters have to think what club to hit off the tee, as there is a cross bunker 40yds short of the green. Avoid these and you will have a short iron to the green, which has a large greenside bunker to the left. This hole played sensibly will give you a chance of a birdie but be careful.

Hole Eight - Par 4, Stroke Index 4
423yds (white tees), 406yds (yellow tees), 361yds (red tees)

This is a good strong par 4, slightly doglegged left to right. A large bunker on the right readily catches any loose tee shots - if you manage to avoid the trees either side of the fairway! There is a bunker down the left but it can only be reached by long hitters. Once you're on the fairway you will have a medium to long iron or even a fairway wood to a sloping green backed by a large lake. If you score par it will feel like a birdie!

Hole Nine - Par 4, Stroke Index 12
304yds (white tees), 295yds (yellow tees), 205yds (red tees)

This hole is a good chance for long hitters to reach the green off the tee and score a birdie. However, this requires an accurate shot as there is a fairway bunker on the left and two bunkers on the right just short of the green which catches many golfers. The ideal way to play this hole is to play short of the bunkers and leave yourself a short pitch to a raised small green. A fairly level green will give you a chance of a birdie.

Hole Ten - Par 4, Stroke Index 11
295yds (white tees), 282yds (yellow tees), 237yds (red tees)

A teasing short par 4. Again it is a chance for the big hitters to reach the green but they have to flirt with danger in the guise of a large lake to the right. Carry this and you will be rewarded. If you play down the fairway you have to be aware of bunkers and rough down the left and trees to the right and don't forget the lake! So distance off the tee is important as some golfers will not need a driver, just a long iron or a fairway wood. A good hole!

Hole Eleven - Par 4, Stroke Index 13
407yds (white tees), 390yds (yellow tees), 368yds (red tees)

A good par 4 with trouble all the way down the left in the guise of out of bounds, trees and a large fairway bunker. There are more trees down the right, so a good straight tee shot will leave you a long second shot to a narrow but wide green, again protected by bunkers. Score par and you will be very happy!

Hole Twelve - Par 4, Stroke Index 5
463yds (white tees), 441yds (yellow tees), 383yds (red tees)

One of the toughest holes on the course! With trees all the way down the left hand side and clusters of trees to the right, a long tee shot is a must to have a chance of reaching the green in two shots. Off the tee, if you aim for the marker post, that will leave you a long shot to a green surrounded by grass mounds and hollows, which makes for tough pitching and chipping. A sloping left to right green makes it tough to putt on. A very demanding hole - a bogey is a good score but par is a great score.

Hole Thirteen - Par 4, Stroke Index 1
455 yards (white), 442 yards (yellow), 375 yards (red)

You are now entering Brickhampton's own Amen Corner. Statistically the second hardest hole and it's not hard to see why. The hole runs away from the tee downhill towards the stream which bisects the fairway. When there is a following breeze or lots of run on the ball then a long drive may find water but since it's a long second shot you need to get the ball as close to the stream as possible and on the flat. A sliced tee shot will find trees or the stream, which meanders back on the right. To the left and its trees or at best you will be blocked out by the large tree next to the bridge. The second shot is mid iron at best or a wood if you have been ultra cautious. The green slopes from back to front and is raised from the plain with mounding to the left. Rough will entrap those who fail to hit the target. Treat even a net par as a job well done.

Hole Fourteen - Par 3, Stroke Index 15
167 yards (white), 159 yards (yellow), 128 yards (red)

From the raised tee you will see all that awaits! The lake cuts in front of the green, which has mounds and trees to the sides and back. Bale out left if you do not feel confident about taking on the challenge. The green has subtle borrows that test your ability to read the line of a putt.

Hole Fifteen - Par 5, Stroke Index 7
552 yards (white), 530 yards (yellow), 471 yards (red)

In the distance you will see the green framed by large trees at either side of the entrance that is guarded by the stream meandering from the right and across the fairway. However first task is to get a clean, straight and long tee shot. Anything sliced is likely to find a watery grave and too far left and plantations beckon. Second shot from a rolling fairway should be played short of the stream - unless the wind favours you and you are a big hitter! Third shot is to a large green sloping down from back left to front right. Again reading the putt is critical if two putts are to be achieved.

Hole Sixteen - Par 4, Stroke Index 3
440 yards (white), 406 yards (yellow), 339 yards (red)

A stern test with the tee shot all important as a narrow tree lined fairway and large bunker await. Too much draw off the tee and you will end up in the trees thanks to the sloped contours adorning the left hand side of the fairway. A good drive will still leave you a long second shot to a small green, sloping back to front. A large sand trap in front of the green will catch any pushed shot. Score bogey here and it will feel like a par! One of the toughest!

Hole Seventeen - Par 3, Stroke Index 17
150 yards (white), 145 yards (yellow), 120 yards (red)

A little gem and the hole you will remember. Distance is not the problem but accuracy is. The green is fronted by the Millennium Lake with a sleeper wall and at the rear by another lake. Bale out to the left if you wish but even then you will be left with a difficult chip over bushes. Best advice is take an extra club because it's all carry if a par is required. Then simply as many putts as your ability or luck determines.

Hole Eighteen - Par 4, Stroke Index 9
333 yards (white), 308 yards (yellow), 245 yards (red)

Three very different tees providing varying angles to the fairway ahead but with one thing in common - you need to carry the lake! Too far right off the tee and its either sand, trees or rough and up the left there are more trees and rough so whilst distance is a factor accuracy counts. The green is guarded both left and right by a number of deep large bunkers. Negotiate these and you are not quite home safe since the green is severely convex particularly so towards the back. Pin position therefore plays it's own part if the even number you hope to write on your scorecard is a 4 and not a 6! Time then to shake hands with your playing partners and exit at the back of the green and on to the Clubhouse patio before completing the scorecard.

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