The longest par 5 on the course at 552 yards and one where accuracy is as important as distance.  The tee shot is narrow and is played to a fairway that cambers from left to right.  The wind generally blowing from the left adds to the difficulty.  Missing right generally isn't too bad, although if you find the conifers you're unlikely to be getting home in three.  The trees are thicker down the left and you'll need some luck to be able to advance your second.  My advice, hit the fairway, but that's easier said than done. Once you've got it in play, you're likely to be left with a straightforward lay-up to short of the stream that cuts in 70 yards short of the green.  Be sure to commit to your lay-up however as something really careless could find the hazard down the right.  If you've smoked one down there you may want to take the green on.  If you button your second and clear the hazard, there's no real trouble around the green.  Two big hits and you'll have an excellent birdie chance.  A wedged approach plays a few yards uphill to a green with a lot of slope from back right to front left.  No shame in making par here.