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Spend valuable time with key clients or customers.

Reward the efforts of hardworking staff and directors. 

Room hire discount (Gold and Platinum)

Corporate golf day discount (Gold and Platinum)

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Golf at Brickhampton Court - Gloucestershire's most complete golf complex reflecting the quality standards you set.



Brickhampton Court offers a selection of corporate membership options designed to meet the business needs of corporate clients. A corporate membership at Brickhampton Court allows companies access to both the Spa and Glevum course, whilst providing a unique opportunity to experience corporate hospitality in a warm and friendly environment.



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As a Corporate member you also have access to Brickhampton’s Business Club Lounge. The Business Club Lounge is a private room away from the hustle and bustle found in a clubhouse bar and has all the amenities you could need in an office away from the office, making it the ideal space to entertain clients whether playing golf or not. Access to the Business Club Lounge for Corporate members is charge per person. *Complimentary soft drinks are included.

*Included complimentary drinks are only those provided in the Business Club Lounge fridge. All other drinks are to be paid for.



Our dedicated and professional team understand what it takes to cater for all that attend Brickhampton Court.  Whatever the occasion be it a corporate golf day, conference, private function or a small meeting, our team are always on hand to make sure your clients, guests, family, staff and yourself have nothing to worry about. 

We also know that each client will have different needs.  This is where Brickhampton Court really sets itself apart from the competition in its ability to bespoke any client’s individual requirements and will work with the client to deliver a truly standout event. 


If you would like to create your own menu, have it matched to outstanding wines or if you would like the theatre of having your meal cooked in front of your guests on an Argentinian barbeque, Brickhampton Court can provide it all. All that is left for you to do is sit back, relax and let Brickhampton Court look after your every need.

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