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Brickhampton Court prides itself in having junior golfers and shows our commitment to shaping the future of the sport. We take immense pride in providing a welcoming environment that not only supports the development of budding golf talent but also instills valuable life skills that extend far beyond the golf course. As the junior golfers learn, grow, and contribute to the vibrant golfing community at Brickhampton Court, we know that we are playing a role in nurturing the passion for golf in the next generation.

Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Golf is a sport that combines physical activity with strategic thinking, contributing to the overall well-being of young players.

Healthy Lifestyle

Brickhampton Court takes pride in being a platform for junior golfers to develop essential life skills such as discipline, patience, resilience, and teamwork, which extend beyond the golf course.

Building Lifelong Skills

It’s important to instil sportsmanship from a young age. Junior golfers learn to respect the rules, competitors, and the spirit of the game


Junior golf ensures that young players create positive and lasting memories both on and off the course.

Creating Lasting Memories




If you would like to see how you can get involved and be part of our community, please email Junior Organiser Nathan Loveridge at

Encouraging junior golfers reflects a commitment to diversity in the sport. We create an inclusive environment where young players from various backgrounds can thrive.

Celebrating Diversity in Golf

Junior golfers contribute to the vibrant golfing community at Brickhampton Court. Their participation enriches the overall golfing experience for members, visitors, and staff.

Enhancing the Golfing Community

Brickhampton Court is a family-friendly destination with an environment where parents and siblings can participate in golf activities together, creating stronger family bonds.

Connecting with Families

As a junior golfer, they can serve as role models for their peers, embodying the values of dedication, sportsmanship, and commitment to improvement.

Serving as Role Models

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