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Welcome to our Health and Well-being haven at Brickhampton Courts. Beyond the greens and fairways, we believe in nurturing the holistic wellness of our community. Our commitment extends beyond golf, embracing a lifestyle that promotes physical vitality, mental well-being, and a sense of belonging. Join us on a journey to balance, where your overall wellness takes centre stage, and every aspect of your health is valued and celebrated.

Image by Robert Ruggiero


When you play 18 holes of golf you walk between 4 and 5 miles which is around 13,000 steps and can burn up to 2000 kcals plus it could increase your life expectancy by 5 years!


A day of skiing                      

Running a marathon          

18 holes of golf                     

Football match                    

Tennis match

                     3345 calories

          2500 calories

                    1640 calories

                    780 calories

 780 Calories


Exercise sets off endorphins, gets the heart rate increasing, and gets the brain working in different ways. Being outside in green and blue spaces with friends, family, or work colleagues with no distractions also offers additional benefits like increasing your vitamin D intake which is essential for supporting your immune system and helps you sleep better. It may feel like a low-impact activity at the time, but golf is nonetheless a significant workout.


Helps prevent 40+ chronic diseases including –

  • Diabetes

  • Heart attacks

  • Strokes

  • Breast and colon cancer

  • Dementia

It can also improve your cholesterol and body composition and moderate physical activity improves cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic health plus older people can increase strength and balance.


Unlike other sports where you rarely get a moment to stop and chat, golf offers many opportunities to catch up with your friends, family, or work colleagues. This has many benefits including –


  • Reduces social isolation.

  • Improves overall wellness, confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression.

Serious injury is not very likely.

No physical activity comes with zero risk of injury, but golf is certainly a low-risk sport. As a low-risk impact form of activity golf rarely exposes you to the risk of serious injury. Of, course it is possible to hurt yourself but perfecting your form and swing and being careful when carrying your kit should protect you from golfing injuries.

Sources: Skilled Golf, Golf Business Quarterly, R&A, Circle Health Group

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